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Top 9 Best AI WordPress plugins in 2024

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) is critical in the fast changing web development scene. AI WordPress plugins are vital tools that enable developers to improve efficiency, optimize SEO techniques, and provide a tailored user experience. This detailed guide digs into the top 9 AI plugins for WordPress in 2024, revealing their features, benefits, and transformative impact on the website-building process.

1. Hostinger AI Assistant:

WordPress AI

Rated 4.9/5.
Best for: AI-powered blog post creation.
Price: free.

Hostinger AI Assistant is a game changer for content creators, and it integrates effortlessly with Hostinger’s Business and Cloud hosting services. This free AI content generator speeds up your content production by creating well-structured, SEO-friendly blog entries. The one-click integration with WordPress’s post editor offers a seamless user experience.

Key features:

– AI-generated content creation,
– Meta descriptions, and keyword suggestions.
– Automatic installation with Hostinger’s hosting plans.

2. Divi AI:

WordPress AI

Rating of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot (almost 20,000 reviews).
Best for: Improving WordPress design workflow using AI text and picture generating.
Price: $18 per month

Divi AI, part of the Divi suite, improves the WordPress design process by providing AI-powered text and image generating capabilities. Divi AI can help you create interesting headlines, paragraphs, and entire blog entries. Its user-friendly layout and quick actions make it simple to revise information, translate, and create images.

Key Features:

– Create content and images while constructing websites
– Quickly refine content
– Unlimited text and image generation with a single membership.

3. AI Engine:

WordPress AI

Rated 4.9/5.
Best for: Integrating many AI tools.
Pricing: Freemium

AI Engine is notable for its ability to link AI services such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Azure into WordPress sites. This plugin enables AI-assisted content production, such as blog posts and product descriptions. The Playground feature allows users to experiment with AI-based translation and correction, which increases the plugin’s adaptability.

Key features:

– AI-powered content and image generation
– Experiment with translation and correction
– Track and limit AI usage


WordPress AI

Rating: 4.7/5.
Best for: Improving the entire website SEO strategy.
Pricing: Freemium

AIOSEO is a complete SEO plugin that improves your WordPress site’s search engine exposure. AIOSEO integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT to create AI-assisted SEO title and meta description generators. The TruSEO feature checks and optimizes your material to improve search engine rankings, making AIOSEO an invaluable tool for SEO professionals.

Key features:

– AI-powered SEO title and meta description creators.
– TruSEO (Content Optimization)

5. Rank Math SEO:

WordPress AI

Rating: 4.9/5.
Ideal for: Improving on-page SEO.
Pricing: Freemium

Rank Math SEO is a feature-rich SEO plugin that goes beyond basic metrics by including Content AI for on-page SEO optimization. This tool suggests word counts, links, headings, and media counts, offering useful information for optimizing your content. Rank Math SEO is a powerful tool for SEO enthusiasts, thanks to its connection with Google Analytics 4 and Google Trends.

Key features:

– SEO metric tracking tools.
– Google Analytics 4 and Google Trends Integration
– Content AI for on-page SEO recommendations.

6. Tidio:

WordPress AI

Rating: 4.8/5.
Best for: Business websites that need customer support functionality.
Pricing: Freemium

Tidio provides a comprehensive customer support solution, including AI-powered live chat and email ticketing. LYRO, the conversational AI chatbot, enhances communication through deep learning and natural language processing. The AI Reply Assistant, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5, responds quickly and efficiently to client inquiries.

Key features:

– LYRO conversational AI chatbot
– AI Reply Assistant for prompt responses
– Smooth third-party interfaces with eCommerce toolkits.

7. Voicer:

WordPress AI

Rating: 4.6/5.
Best for: Translating text into human-like speech.
Price: $20 per license.

Voicer, powered by Google Cloud Platform, is a text-to-speech converter that enhances the audio experience on your WordPress website. Voicer converts text into high-quality audio by supporting multiple languages and providing configurable voice parameters. This plugin works perfectly with major WordPress plugins, themes, and page builders.

Key features

– multilingual compatibility for over 45 languages,
– Extensive voice selection with over 275 voices,
– Customizable voice settings.

8. Quttera Web Malware Scanner:

WordPress AI

Rating: 4/5
Best for: Increasing WordPress website security.
Pricing: Freemium

Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a security-focused AI plugin that helps to keep your WordPress site safe. Its AI Scan Engine finds and analyzes suspected malware or dangerous information, producing a complete report divided into four categories: Clean Files, Potentially Suspicious Files, Suspicious Files, and dangerous Files. This plugin is an essential feature to improve your website’s security.

Key features:

– Pre-integrated AI scan engine for threat identification
– AI-driven false positive detector.

9. Formidable Forms:

WordPress AI

Rating: 4.7/5.
Ideal for: Improving user experience and workflow.
Pricing: Freemium

Formidable Forms incorporates AI into its form-building core function, improving the user experience and optimizing operations. With AJAX-enabled forms and guiding prompts, this plugin provides dynamic responses and personalised interactions. While the AI capability is only available in the Business plan and up, its impact on user engagement makes it a worthwhile investment.

Key features:

– AJAX-enabled forms with dynamic answers
– Guide prompt for contextually informed responses.

Advantages of Using AI Plugins in WordPress:

1. Optimize Websites for Search Engines: AI plugins evaluate keywords, recommend meta titles, and create SEO-friendly content to increase website visibility and organic traffic.

2. Improve Website Accessibility: AI plugins automate operations such as transcription, translation, and text-to-speech, making websites more accessible to a larger audience.

3. Improve Efficiency: Automating chores like content production and customer queries saves time and streamlines workflows, allowing developers to prioritize important responsibilities.

4. Improve material Quality: AI plugins can offer title ideas, recommend material, and generate bulk content to improve the quality and relevancy of your website content.

5. Personalized User Experience: AI-powered plugins propose appropriate items, content, or services based on user behavior and preferences.


Choosing the proper AI plugins is essential for establishing and managing a successful WordPress website. As AI technology advances, these plugins provide cutting-edge solutions for optimizing SEO, increasing productivity, and improving user experience. Whether you want to increase content development, improve website security, or expedite customer assistance, incorporating AI plugins into your WordPress arsenal can propel your site to new heights. Explore the possibilities, try out different plugins, and share your experiences with WordPress AI assistants in the comments section. Unleash the power of AI to change your WordPress website by 2024!

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